Podcast Seminar: Creating your podcast with a blog.

This post continues the Podcast Seminar series. This week we discuss, Creating your podcast with a blog.

RSS IconBlogging and podcasting go hand in hand. Both are distributed by RSS feed. A podcast feed is differentiated by the use of the enclosure tag to add the podcast content to the feed. Because of this similarity, one of the easiest ways to create an RSS feed for your podcast is with your blog.

Blogging can also add more content to your site and that will attract readers that may turn into listeners as well. Later on, in this series we’ll discuss SEO as it relates to your blog.

There are a lot of blogging services that can support your podcast. You can choose from Blogger, Movable Type, TypePad, and WordPress. By far my favorite of these platforms is WordPress. WordPress is an open source blogging platform that can be extended with Plug-Ins to make it do almost anything. One of the Plug-Ins that makes it even more suited to podcasters is the great Podpress Plug-in. Podpress makes the publishing of podcasts effortless. Podpress also adds all the custom iTunes tags to your RSS Feed.

WordPress can be hosted on any server that supports PHP and MySQL. It’s not for the complete beginner, but it can be the last blog/podcast server software that you’ll ever need.

Check out all the blogging platforms. See which one fits your needs.

Next time, Marketing your Podcast.

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