Podcast Seminar: Show notes, keywords and SEO, why they are important?

This post continues the Podcast Seminar series. This week we answer the question, Show notes and SEO, why they are important?

SEOI’m not going to pretend to be an expert on SEO.  I do however understand keywords and their importance in your show notes and blog posts.

Create great show notes that give an overview about what you talked about and more people will find your site, and your podcast, than just posting an audio file alone. Use the keywords in your show notes that you expect someone to type in Google to find your podcast. If you type “podcast studio” into Google right now, The Podcast Studio is the #1 search result. That’s not by accident.  Most posts that I make I try to get the keywords “podcast studio” in there at least once.  The same goes for your domain name.  If you can include the keywords in your domain name, all the better.

For goodness sake, do not stop here in your search for SEO goodness.  Search Google for SEO techniques that will take your podcast and your blog to the top of the searches.

Next time, Podcast Metrics.

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