Become a GMail Ninja

As a GMail user I tend to search for emails a lot. Rather than organize by labels I just use the search function. Search for a keyword from the email and up it pops in the results. You want an email from, searching for the email address gives you all the interactions with that...

Google Apps for Free

If you’re a small business and are using the email service that comes with your Internet connection, you’re doing it wrong.  Heaven forbid you’re using AOL or Yahoo as your email provider.  At a bare minimum you should have a personalized email address with your company’s domain name.  For example, I have the domain name...

Try Google Plus

If you’re interested in trying out Google+ but haven’t been invited yet, fear not.  Use the link below to get in the new Google social network “field trial“.  And when you’re on there, add me to one of your Circles.

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